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2018 FIVB Las Vegas 4-star

The 2018 FIVB Las Vegas 4-star tournament showcased the skills and talents of beach volleyball players from around the world. This article will provide an overview of the U.S. competitors, the latest news from the event, and the results of the matches.

U.S. Competitors

The U.S. had a strong presence in the tournament, with both men’s and women’s teams competing. Some of the notable U.S. men’s teams included Crabb, Tr/Bourne, Doherty/Allen, and Rosenthal/Budinger. On the women’s side, teams like Howard/Branagh, Stockman/Larsen, and Flint/Day represented the U.S. with skill and determination.

Latest News

Throughout the tournament, several U.S. teams made significant strides. Crabb/Bourne showcased their talent, while Eleven Tips for Becoming a Pro Beach Volleyball Player provided valuable insights for aspiring players. The chemistry between Flint/Day improved as they found success on the court. Doherty/Allen formed a partnership that followed the book of successful teamwork. Additionally, seven U.S. beach teams successfully qualified for the tournament, showcasing the country’s depth of talent.


The tournament featured exciting matches and intense competition. In the qualification rounds, Howard/Branagh, Flint/Day, and Sponcil/Claes secured impressive victories. In the pool stages, Hughes/Ross, Sweat/Walsh Jennings, Flint/Day, and Stockman/Larsen showed their skills and determination. The U.S. teams faced formidable opponents from around the world, and their performances were a testament to their abilities.

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Q: How many U.S. teams competed in the 2018 FIVB Las Vegas 4-star tournament?
A: The U.S. was well-represented with several men’s and women’s teams competing in the tournament.

Q: Did any U.S. teams make it to the finals?
A: While no U.S. teams made it to the finals, they put on impressive performances and secured respectable finishes.

Q: What were some of the standout moments from the tournament?
A: Some standout moments include the improved chemistry and success of Flint/Day, as well as the strong showing by Crabb/Bourne and other U.S. teams.


The 2018 FIVB Las Vegas 4-star tournament was a showcase of beach volleyball talent from around the world. U.S. teams competed with skill and determination, making strides and securing impressive victories. The tournament featured intense matches and exciting moments, highlighting the athleticism and teamwork of the players. Although no U.S. teams made it to the finals, their performances were commendable, and they showcased the depth of talent in American beach volleyball. Overall, the tournament was a thrilling and memorable event for players and fans alike.

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